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5 Things to Do Before You Say I Quit

5 Things to Do Before You Say I Quit

It is not uncommon to want to quit the comfort of a regular paying job and look for better options. If the current job is not giving you any career growth, pay increment, or improving your learning curve, it becomes torture to drag yourself to the office.

A lot of people want to quit their job but finding a perfect job during in pandemic before quitting becomes important. If you have liabilities and monthly bills to pay, make sure to consider looking for another job before quitting the current one. Here are five things to take care of before quitting the job.

1.Update the latest resume on job search apps or platform

The online job portal or apps have made it easy to look for suitable jobs and have helped employers find new candidates. Update and create a solid resume and upload on best job search iOS apps Honolulu. This will help companies or employers find your profile during resume search.

However, make sure that the resume is strong and optimized with the right keywords to increase visibility. On uploading the resume, it helps in connecting with the job profiles or companies you are looking forward to working it. It is best to use the advanced professional template for the resume.

2. Look for Freelance or Remote Work Options

If you do not want to work 9 to 5 and go to the office physically, make sure to have certain jobs in your hands that you can work remotely. The job portals will help you find remote work online Canada and offer flexibility to work from anywhere.

The free job search app Canada has different options and with the right keyword, it is easy to find all the remote work options. With a remote job or freelance projects handy, quitting a job does not have to be a headache. Make sure to look for financial independence and plan on things before quitting.

3. Get some Good Recommendations for Next Job

Most of the corporate jobs as well as freelance projects work on recommendations and reviews. While you find a perfect job during in pandemic and plan on leaving the old job, do make sure to get some recommendations to increase the likelihood of being hired.

If you have worked on projects and with specific clients, make sure to get some positive reviews. This is quite helpful as it gives a good impression on the next employer. Ask supervisors, clients, or colleagues to leave a recommendation that positively influences the smooth job switch transition.

4. Figure out Finances and Plan

If you have decided on quitting the job and taking a break, do not leave until you have savings and have figured out your finances. The best job search iOS apps Honolulu with updated resumes might not end up landing you the right job immediately. It might take time and hence budgeting is crucial.

If you have savings and it can help you last for a couple of months, it is okay to take a break and quit the job. Use the time to think about what you want to do and how long your savings will help without a job. Do not be impulsive while quitting the job and always consider finances before quitting.

5. Check for the Job Market and Potential Opportunities

Another essential point to consider before quitting the job is to check for the market. Whether you find remote work online Canada or a full-time job, make sure to be informed of all the opportunities available. At times, the market might be saturated with jobs and not suitable vacancies might come up for months.

Before quitting, check on the free job search app Canada for suitable vacancies and send resumes to job profiles or companies you look forward to working for. It is easy to create a portfolio in the job search app and hence know what the current market demand is. Apply for suitable jobs and see if you can align interview before quitting.

There are many opportunities and with the app-based online job portals, it is easy to keep a track of all the vacancies. However, before quitting the job be a little thoughtful, upload the resume, manage the expenses or finance and take a look at the current job scenario and market.

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