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Ghosting: The Latest Job Seeker Trend You Need to Know About

Ghosting is a word that relates to walking or slowly disappearing from a relationship to end it. However, this word has quite a different meaning when talking in terms of job seeking. Job seekers can be found backing out of those hiring processes, that too, without giving a suitable reason.

Job seekers nowadays have many ways to get a job, such as through some reliable mobile job app for job seekers & recruiters in USA. However, there have been many surveys, that show how more than fifty percent of job seekers dropped out of the hiring process because they did not hear anything from the employer in two weeks’ time. Another survey has shown that around 51 percent of job seekers kept searching for jobs even after receiving an offer. 

Responsibility of career services professionals

No doubt, they always had and will have the right to walk away and not reason it. This right tends to put some pressure on the employers also to treat the candidates with respect while meeting their expectations. However, when this becomes a habit, it puts job seekers tend to miss out on suitable job opportunities. This is in addition to the loss the employers bear, despite using the best job search app for IOS.

In such a case, the career services professionals have the responsibility of finding out what went wrong. They need to know it from the job seekers and need to let them on a better career path to ensure a suitable career in the future. Therefore, to help you support them to land their dream job, here are some tips that’ll help you substantially, in addition to helping with the best job search app for Android.

1. Getting feedback from the job seekers

You should talk to the job seeker about the reason behind ghosting a company. This may lead you to get some vague responses such as ‘not just feeling right‘. But, if you want to be of help, you’ll need to dig somewhat deeper. You have to get them to find some better-fitting job and to have them give time to the process.

One may start with the best app for job search in Madison. Then, you can go ahead asking them some specific questions that you think can give you specific answers to help you find the actual reasons. For this, one may start with common job seeker complaints. Also, do not give the job seeker a chance to feel being accused of anything wrong.

2. What one can ask the job seeker?

Now that they have access to the best mobile job app for job seekers & recruiters in USA, you may ask the following questions to the job seekers:

  • Ask them if they had all information required to achieve success in terms of finding a suitable job.
  • Ask them if they knew how to succeed in the hiring process.
  • Also, ask the job seekers what more did they want to know.

Besides, one can go ahead with making a list of questions. The answers, along with the best job search app for IOS, will provide you with a considerable amount of information when you will be dealing with future candidates seeking jobs in their respective streams. You may also want to know that the candidates expect clear timings with consistent updates, which if they don’t get, they tend to ghost the company.

3. Scheduling more informational interviews

You can now refine the list to meet a shorter list of organizations meeting their needs and demands. They also need to be reminded that even the employers aren’t perfect. Encourage them to set up some interviews with the current employees at the company. This will be a short but informational meeting for them.

The interview can be an eye-opener for the candidates as they may in some cases find that the company can be a suitable place to work in. They will find more confidence in that job and will not be tempted to ghost that company. The best job search app for Android will also help them considerably.

4. They need to know the employer’s side too

Lastly, job seekers need to be made aware that even employers face tough times during the hiring process. You can explain to them the hiring steps followed by companies. It’s true that employers still need to ensure an efficient hiring process. However, the candidates also need to be patient as long as they’re being respected and shown genuine interest.   

Go ahead making use of the best app for job search in Madison. It will benefit you, the candidates as well as the employers.

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